1. Remove cam cover from R/S receiver
Pic 1

2. Remove the bolt cam screw from the bolt
Pic 2

3. Pull the bolt out
Pic 3

4.Slide the scope mount on from the breech
Pic 4

5. Tighten the screws on the mount
Pic 5

6. Re- install the bolt, cam screw and cam cover. Here is a trick to help get the bolt cam to fit snug against the bolt lug. With the bolt handle in the position shown above, slide the cam forward until it almost touches the lug. Leaving the bolt in that same position, install the cover. Leave the screws loose. Now partially close the bolt until a tight fit is achieved between the lug and cam. Tighten the bolts. If done properly the bolt lug should fit tight against the cam when the bolt is closed. This will assure that the bolt fits tight in the breech.

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