Lewis and Clark Air Rifle

This document is preserved as a historical archive only from the original owners of Bryan and Associates
The following information is reprinted with permission from V.M.I.
Portions are reprinted from the August 1984 edition of “American Rifleman” magazine.

Would YOU be interested in buying a well made faithful Replica of the famous Air Rifle carried by the Lewis and Clark Voyage of Discovery?

There has been much speculation about this famous Air Rifle. A “must read” is Dr. Robert Beeman’s wonderful article in Airgun Review #6. Also the article in the August 1984 edition of “American Rifleman”. Most experts now have come to the conclusion that this rifle was most probably a full-stocked (Pennsylvania style), butt-reservoir model made by Lukens of Philadelphia, and was about 31 to 36 caliber. Amazingly enough, the owner of this rifle, the Virginia Military Institute, has agreed to having this actual rifle “measured up” for cloning!

Now we must show prospective manufacturers (who are understandably reluctant to commit to such a project without some evidence of a definite market) that there ARE many of us who would like to own such a replica.
The rifle would be made to the highest standards by one of the well known Italian replicators, such as Uberti or Pedersoli, to the exact dimensions of the original rifle, but with modern materials and manufacturing techniques. It would be fully functioning – a Shooter! Wouldn’t it be great to have such an airgun, and be able to shoot it without fear of injuring one of the old originals? This is exactly the reason that similar firearms replicas are so popular.

Most probably the rifle would be offered two ways: Rifle and pump only, and a cased version with compartments for the pump, bullet mold, extra storage etc. These rifles could be filled with air or CO2 from an outside source via an adapter-no pumping required…unless you want to!

An estimate of the price for such a replica would probably be in the area of $1,000.00 to $1,500.00 and somewhat more for the cased set.

Sound good? If so, please indicate your interest below. Thanks!!
Please note: Obviously, there is nothing “binding” about this document. It is solely intended to demonstrate to possible manufacturers that there are enough buyers, just waiting to own their own piece of American history!

Do not expect Any further contact until enough names are collected. Please do not contact us. We will contact you at such time the project progresses to the point of manufacture.

To date, many airgunners have already signed up at airgun shows – we invite you to join the effort, if you are sincerely interested.

Thank you for your participation.

Ted Osborn, Ron Sauls and a host of airgunners who have already joined the effort.

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  1. AB Smith

    One like this or a Pritchard would be the type I would want. I prefer older style hunting arms.

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