Install Discovery Trigger


Step 1 Remove trigger, tube, barrel from stock:  You need to remove the safety and the screw that hold the stock on.  To remove the safety, there is a spring that holds in place. It is on the inside of the grip frame behind the trigger. You can see a little metal rod sticking out. Use a small flat head screw driver to pull that rod toward the trigger. The safety will fall right out. With the other screw in the front of the stock removed you can slide the stock right off.Also fits a Crosman 2260
Step 2 Remove the plate cover: Unscrew the two screws holding the plate on and pull off.
Step 3 Replace trigger: Pull off original trigger and replace with new trigger remember to replace the spring above the trigger.
Step 4 Close up:  To put the safety back in: You can see the spring(metal rod) is where the safety belongs. You will need to take that small flat head screw driver and push it back into the slot next to the trigger. We put a nail punch behind the rod to hold it into place. Then slide the safety in and release the metal rod.   Replace plate, screws and add set screw on the side.
Step 5: You’re done with the trigger replacement and replace stock and safety.

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