The New Brocock Concept Lite

The new Brocock Concept Lite is a cool new airgun that has a lot going for it.  It has a new chassis design that sports three removable 1913 picatinny style rails right where you want them.  There is one on the bottom, and one on each side of the gun.  I really like this, as I’m constantly adding both a lower rail for a bipod and a side rail for a light to most of my personal guns.  I also do this very often for customers.  If one were to buy a Concept Lite, the rails would already be there.  If one wanted no rails at all, no problem.  Just remove them.  I can’t overstate how much I like this feature.  The airgun truly is “lite” weighing in at only 6.5lbs naked, and is only 32″ long with the stock collapsed.  Our brand new FULL REVIEW video that accompanies this blog can be found below.

What’s more is that the Brocock Concept Lite feels closer to an AR15 than any other of the guns that try to mimic it’s design and handling.  To be specific, it’s very reminiscent of the military M4 with the quad rail.  The gun uses a mil spec AR15 buffer tube and comes with an M4 style adjustable stock.  Naturally, this is easily replaceable with any AR15 stock that will fit a mil spec buffer tube.  The gun actually uses an AK47 style pistol grip, but it’s a plastic aftermarket model that feels more like an AR15 grip than an AK47 grip.  Again, this is easily replaceable with any AK47 style pistol grip.  The safety is the other deviation from true AR15 ergonomics, and can be found inside the trigger guard.


A hard charging Marine with a military issue M4 with quad rail.

The all new floating hammer system in the Concept Lite is combined with a true HUMA regulator.  This combination is very efficient and delivers consistent velocities.  On full power, the .22 caliber version I used for this review averaged roughly 45 shots “on the reg” with about a 15ish fps extreme spread over the entire shot string.  That’s not bad!  You can see the picture below for an average string from a full fill.  There is a multi step power adjuster on the gun, and I highly suggest you try it!  We’ll get to why that is a little later.  With the JSB 18.13gr pellets and on full power, the gun produced an average of about 27fpe.

Gun on full power, using JSB 18.13gr pellets

The trigger on the airgun is a nice two stage design that is fully adjustable.  I tested the out of the box pull on several models and found an average of 1.5-2lbs.  The enlarged “tactical” bolt handle is very easy to find and use.  The gun has a fully shrouded barrel that helps with keep the noise down, but it also has a 1/2 x 20 UNF threaded muzzle.  This makes attaching a moderator or other muzzle device a breeze. Both a 10 shot rotary magazine and a single shot tray ship with the gun, and it’s covered by a three year warranty.

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The German made barrel is slightly choked and is capable of wonderful accuracy.  I used the JSB 18.13gr pellets for my testing and discovered something profound during the process.  The particular gun I tested did not like being up at full power.  I must have shot a dozen 5 shot groups at 50 yards on full power and never got better than about a 5/8″ group.  That’s….well….ok…but far from stellar.  Then I made a mistake and shot it down off the reg.  While the point of impact lowered, so did the size of the group…and I mean CONSIDERABLY!  Below you will see two pictures.  One is an average group on full power, and the other is an average group with the adjuster one notch down from full power.  The difference is just amazing.  I’ll take the slight reduction in power for that increase in accuracy any day.

50 yards, JSB 18.13gr, 5 shots, full power
50 yards, JSB 18.13, 5 shots, 1 notch under full power

The Brocock Concept Lite is a great little package that can be used for many things.  It’s small, lightweight, and handy.  It can be adjusted to fit most any shooter, and adapted further by swapping parts.  It’s versatility is second to none via the removable rail sections where you can mount most any airgun accessory you might need.  The trigger is nice out of the box, but again, fully adjustable.  The shroud keeps it pretty quiet, and the threaded muzzle would just love to have a moderator attached to it for truly stealthy operations.  When tuned properly, the gun is capable of superb accuracy….and that is the biggest take-away from all of this.  If the gun suits your needs, check out for more!

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