The .30 FX Wildcat Mk II, Our Take On The Gun

The .30 caliber FX Wildcat has been around for a while now.  You can find review after review on the gun, and the general consensus is that it’s just awesome!  Around 75fpe and 30ish shots from a package that is just about 7lbs without a scope.  WOW!  That is hunting heaven, right there!  Enough power to take some serious game, and small and light enough to not be a bear to lug around in the woods all day.  I made a video to go along with this blog.  It can be found right under this paragraph.  I would highly suggest reading this as well as watching the video.

The accuracy of this gun is superb.  At 50 yards using the JSB 50.15gr pellets, most pellets go through the same hole…and that’s in spite of most wind.  At 100 yards, we hit the 1.5″ center spinner on our quadrant target with boring regularity.  There’s no doubt about it, the FX .30 Wildcat is a super accurate gun.  I wholly believe that it’s perfectly suitable for appropriate sized game to at least 100yds. That big heavy .30 caliber slug still has over 40fpe at 100 yards!

The ergonomics of the gun are quite pleasing.  It shoulders nicely, and is a joy to shoot offhand.  In fact, the Wildcat platform is one of the easiest for me to shoot from the shoulder.  It’s very well balanced and stable.  It also shoots quite well from a bipod or high rest.  While a bit longer than it’s smaller caliber Wildcat brethren, the .30 caliber is still shorter than most comparable rifles even with long 700mm barrel and the included FX or Donny FL moderator.

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The gun ships with one 7 round magazine, which is plenty of shots in any hunting situation.  You might want to get a few spares for the range, though…as the ample 30+ shot count is more fun to use up with more mags.  The side cocking lever is placed brilliantly forward in the perfect spot.  You do not have to break your stock or cheek weld to run the lever, nor reach back to your ear to do so.  That is one of my favorite design features of any Wildcat.

The new 3 year FX warranty applies to the Wildcat .30, making your purchase of one a little more secure for a pretty long time.  FX always take good care of their customers if the need arises.  Having said that, we don’t see many issues here at Baker Airguns with the Wildcat, so that 3 year warranty might never be needed.  All the better if that’s so.

The Wildcat is a great gun in any generation and in any caliber.  The same day I recorded the .30 Wildcat Mk II video, I also shot the boss’s .22 FX Wildcat Mk I Black Pepper Laminate.  That gun is spectacular.  It’s well known around here as one of the most accurate .22s we have.  It’s quite literally a benchmark others are judged against.  We have numerous brand new Mk II Wildcats in various calibers in stock….to include the big old .30 caliber.  We also usually have some used ones, so keep an eye on the website!

I just can’t recommend the FX Wildcat highly enough, and like I said, in any generation or any caliber.  Having said that, the big old .30 is definitely my favorite.  I can’t think of a better hunting package, and the value for the money is incredible.  Give us a call at Baker Airguns if you’d like to talk more about them or anything at all.  Stay tuned, stay safe, and happy shooting!

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