Old airguns are still cool…

I don’t mean to brag, but I either currently own or have owned some of the absolute top of the line modern airguns. For instance, my current field target rifle is a Daystate Wolverine R. I have owned the FX Crown, Daystate Red Wolf, FX Bobcat, HW 100, HW97K, and more I can’t even remember at the moment. Having said that, you know what my favorite airgun is? It’s my late 70’s/early 80’s Daisy 917. It’s basically a slightly fancy Daisy 880. It’s worth about $100.

My absolute favorite airgun, the Daisy 917 (with added peep sights)….as well as one of my older Crosman 1377 American Classics.

The Daisy 880 was my first airgun. It was given to me by my father on my 4th birthday. A few years later, he gave me a Crosman 1377 American Classic. I still have a great affinity for both of those old multi-pump pneumatic airguns, and own several examples of both. I literally cannot count the hours I spent shooting both of those airguns, both as a child and as an adult. I still shoot those guns all the time.

There are many cool old airguns. The Sheridan C is one of the most popular guns we repair here at Baker Airguns. Another of the most popular is the Benjamin 3XX series of guns…from the old 31X models to the newer 39X models. That’s because these things are great! They produce enough power for small game hunting, and are plenty accurate for target shooting. They also usually have pretty decent triggers.

The Crosman 760 has to be one of the most popular airguns of all time. Oh, and how about the Daisy Red Ryder? Who didn’t have one of those? Yes, even BB guns are still cool. The Daisy 1894 is one of my personal favorite BB guns. I sometimes have arguments with walk-in customers who just won’t believe that those are not Winchester 1894 firearms hanging on the wall! No kidding! That’s pretty cool for a BB gun.

Then there are the countless awesome old CO2 guns. The Crosman 150 pistol is one of the most comfortable handgun designs I’ve ever felt. Though we don’t (read “cannot”) repair them…the old Crosman Single Six/44 series of guns were probably the absolute coolest revolvers until modern times. Then again, the older Crosman 38T was cool…though I like the Crosman 357 better personally.

And what about CO2 rifles? Can anyone say Crosman 180? How about the Crosman 114? You know you want one! At least, you do if you ever fired one as a kid. These guns are great. The Sheridan F is another cool old CO2 rifle.

Most of these old airguns I’m mentioning were made of metal and wood. That is cool. It’s also becoming far less common, especially when it comes to lower cost airguns. Plastic everything is kind of the standard anymore. These guns, for the most part, have at least a metal receiver. I can’t imagine if you tried to sell a Crosman 140 or Crosman 1400 with a plastic stock and plastic receiver. Ewwwwwww. I imagined it. Just…ewwwwwww!

These are the airguns from our youth, and that alone makes them cool. These airguns are still fun to shoot, and that is cool. The more powerful of these airguns are still perfectly suitable for small game hunting, and that is cool. There are a million reasons these old airguns are cool, but nothing makes them cooler than “they just don’t make them like they used to.” They really don’t, and that’s why old airguns are still cool.

There are plenty of cool old airguns that I did not mention. Feel free to leave a comment and tell us what cool old airguns you have or had.

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