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Mr. Baker….Wanted to take time to thank you for all the work you did on my Benjamin Air Rifle. Received it back last Friday, it’s beautiful, shoots great, and I’m very pleased. I am especially pleased with how easy you are to work with, your advice , recommendations, and I feel your concern for the quality of your work. I will have another air rifle to be repaired shortly. Again thank you.

Bill W





First off, I really loved the service and the gun. I have the same model 400 that I received from my Father when I was 13 years old. I also bought two more for my 2 sons so that we could spend some quality time working on our target practice. Not known to me, my daughter always wished that she was included in the fun. She is now 27 years old, so i bought the gun for her Birthday, and she loves it, you did a great job resealing it. I see from the quality tag that you tested this with a H&N “sport” pellet. Since the Crosman Super pells are getting harder to find, can you please let me know which new ammo is compatible? It looks like you tested it with a ‘H&N Sport’, was this the Wadcutter Diablo Sport, or something else? Also did these feed through the magazine. Having four of us is great family time, but fear my 2500 rounds of the Superpells may be in short supply. Any suggestions of compatible ammo? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ross

Use wadcutters (flat nosed) pellets with in line magazine such as the one on your Crosman 400. We tested the gun using H&N Sport Wadcutters. These are available on our website.  Dennis




I just found out about you guys.  I think what you have here is awesome! Awesome contribution to the airgun community.

Thank You!

-Steve P.


Just a note of thanks. I received the Crosman 140  Seal Kit that you sent me last week and have completely refurbished my Crosman 140 which my dad gave me in 1964 when I was ten. After 54 years, it stopped pumping and I thought its days were done.  But now it shoots like new. My dad brought it home for me back when he owned a wood products factory here in Toronto and he was a supplier of  guns tocks to Crosman. So sentimental value. I never miss with it




Thanks. I just received the Crosman 102 from you, it is a fantastic little air gun and your team did a great job restoring it. I look forward to receiving the 760.
Very respectfully,
Wayne G.



Thanks: The new life you guys gave my pellet rifle will be enjoyed for years to come.

Great job and packed well. Thanks Again for the quick turn around. D. J.


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