There have been both full-auto and semi-auto airguns for a long time.  Most are little more than toys, though the modern semi-auto market has provided some pretty serious semi-auto airguns of late.  Still…there hasn’t been a reliable, accurate, powerful, regulated full-auto airgun to hit the market…until now!  I give you the LCS Air Arms SK-19.  I highly recommend watching the video linked below that accompanies this report for the full story….as well as some demonstrations of the fun you can have with this thing.

The SK-19 is a select fire, bullpup style airgun available in both .22 and .25 calibers. They’re made right here in the USA.  Both have a non-removable 19 shot titanium magazine.  Our test gun is the .25 caliber.  It weighs in at 7.75lbs with an overall length of 35″.  It’s sporting a match grade 23″ Lothar Walther Polygon barrel that is about as thick as your thumb.  It’s nearly a “bull barrel”, and I’m very impressed by that.  The gun comes standard with a 480cc carbon fiber bottle, but a larger 580cc bottle is available for a slight increase in price.  With the standard sized bottle, LCS Air Arms claims up to 75 shots at upwards of 60ft-lb.  Will it really do that?  We’ll see a little later in the report.

In case you’re not familiar with the term, “select fire” means that the gun can be fired in both full-auto and semi-auto mode.  The user can literally “select” whichever mode they desire via the rear selector switch.  The positions are “Safe”, “Semi”, and “Auto.”  There is also a trigger safety on the left of the gun close to the trigger itself.  There are two pressure gauges on this regulated PCP…one for the bottle, and one for the reg.  There are picatinny rails both on the top of the gun for mounting optics, as well as a lower rail for mounting bipods, lights, or other accessories.  A carbon fiber shroud encompasses most of the barrel, and the included moderator keeps the gun pretty quiet.  Another cool thing is that there is an external regulator adjuster, as well as a “power wheel” at the rear of the gun.  While we didn’t play with these adjustments during our testing, it’s nice that it has these features. Apparently, the power can be adjusted significantly higher and lower than factory settings.

Like I said earlier, LCS Air Arms claims up to 75 shots out of the .25 caliber with an average muzzle energy of up to 60ft-lb.  Considering that the SK-19 uses an air powered/hammerless operating mechanism, I found this a bold claim.  I tested several pellets for accuracy, and settled on the JSB King Heavy MkII 33.95gr.  These are the pellets I used for the chronograph testing. It turns out, the gun DOES live up to the manufacturers claim!  After running several strings, I found the gun averaged 77 shots from a full 250BAR fill producing almost exactly 60ft-lb.  The average extreme spread was just over 20fps with a standard deviation of only 3fps.  That’s some pretty good performance right there, and this gun is a powerhouse!  Pictured below is an average shot string.

Average string with JSB King Heavy MkII 33.95gr

Now onto the accuracy testing.  The SK-19 did wonderfully in this category.  Again, the JSB King Heavy MkII 33.95gr was the most accurate pellet for me, and used in all accuracy testing.  At 50 yards, the gun was easily sub MOA even in windy conditions.  The first pic below is an average 50 yard group, though some were better.  Despite the heavy wind during my testing, I had to try it at 100 yards.  I had to limit myself to 3 shot groups due to the variability in the winds, but even in unfavorable conditions the gun produced roughly 1 MOA groups.  The bottom two pictures below show a roughly 1″ and 1.25″ group.  I’d really like to try this again in either low or at least constant wind conditions.

50 yards, 5 shots, 0.49″
100 yards, 3 shots, 1.22″
100 yards, 3 shots, 1.01″

While this is some impressive accuracy, I feel that the gun is capable of performing even better.  One thing that I haven’t mentioned yet is the trigger.  In “Auto” mode, the trigger is just fine.  This is primarily because you just hold it in.  On “Semi” mode, it’s not great.  It’s not terrible, but it’s not great.  The best way to describe it would be a VERY long single stage.  There is just a long pull that slightly increases in resistance as you pull farther and farther.  There is no second stage wall.  You just keep pulling until it eventually levels off in pull weight and goes off.  The pull weight is nice and light at just about 1.25lbs on average.  No problems there.  It’s the character of the trigger that isn’t great.  As far as we can tell, it’s also not adjustable.  This isn’t a deal breaker for me, as I truly intend to buy one of these rifles for myself…but don’t expect a match grade trigger on the SK-19.

The LCS Air Arms SK-19 is truly an incredible gun.  Still, here are what we consider the “Cons.”  As I said above, the trigger isn’t great.  The other big con is that the magazine is not removable.  You will spend more time loading the SK-19 than shooting it.  Especially on Auto mode.  It loads like a single action revolver, with a loading gate that must be opened, and a lever that frees up the magazine rotation.  As I understand it, both of these cons are trade-offs for the operating mechanism of the gun.  It is this very mechanism that gives you the select fire feature of the gun, which is one of it’s greatest Pros.  Considering how much fun it is to shoot an SK-19, it is my belief that these two Cons are outweighed by the Pro of how awesome the SK-19 is to shoot.

Here are what we consider the “Pros”.  It’s very powerful, very consistent, and very reliable.  I’ve got about 2000 pellets through our test version, and it ran like a top.  There have been precisely zero malfunctions out of those 2000 shots.  The gun is also easy to handle, well moderated for it’s power level, and very accurate.  I mean VERY accurate!  Unquestionably, the greatest pro is the select fire feature.  Shooting the SK-19 is just a blast.  If you watch the video that accompanies this report, you can see for yourself how much fun you can have with this airgun.  I enjoy it as much on Semi as I do Auto.  I’m sure you will too, and highly recommend the LCS Air Arms SK-19.


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