Introducing the Daystate Red Wolf Midnight…

I still remember the first time I saw a picture of the Daystate Red Wolf. “WOW!”, I said to myself. “That is going to go down as one of the best looking airguns of all time.” I said that then, and I’ll say it now. BUT…it now has competition. Meet the new Daystate Red Wolf Midnight.  Below is a quick video we made of the gun.

Under the hood, the Midnight is the same Red Wolf that we all know and love. It’s available in both Standard and High Power versions, and in all of the calibers of the original Red Wolf. What’s new is the INCREDIBLE blue and gray stock…and what a stock it is!

Made in Italy by Minelli, the fit and finish of any Red Wolf stock is second to none. The Midnight is no exception. It has a fully adjustable cheek riser, and a 3D adjustable butt-pad. Both the blue and the gray display different shades, with a touch of black to help the contrast between the colors.

The stock is finished with a high-gloss clearcoat that resists scratches and provides a beautiful luster. It’s truly breathtaking, and especially out in sunlight. While it’s certainly impressive in pictures and video, there is no comparison to seeing it in person.

Whether you want to turn heads at your next field target or benchrest match, or you just want to look good for the squirrels…the Daystate Red Wolf Midnight will certainly get the job done.

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