Good News about Michigan Airgun Law and Reminder of the Kalamazoo Airgun Show

Thought I would post a message I received from Wes Powers regarding reclassifying airguns in the state of Michigan. This legislation was scheduled a few months ago, delayed and this is the current update.

Also don’t forget the Kalamazoo Airgun Show August 16, 2015

There is good news in Michigan!! New bills have been signed by Governor Snyder that has reclassified airguns. No longer will there be any question if this airgun a “firearm…Or not?” This is welcome news for us all. I have attached a link to a web site that details the new laws.
The Kalamazoo Airgun Show is only 8 weeks away and there are only 12 tables remaining that are unreserved. If you are thinking about reserving a table at the show don’t get left out. We have reservations from 16 states already. The show has 106 tables of all types of airguns from antique to modern, bb guns to big bore.
If you would like a show flyer or have any questions about the show please just let me know.
There is also an airgun shoot in the area on Saturday. Chris Martin is the contact person at 608-347-8395. This is a good chance to attend 2 airgun events on the same weekend.
We hope to see you at the show August 16th.

Wes & Theresa Powers



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