FX Power-Pup Review

The FX Dream-Pup Bottle was, and still is, an excellent choice for a bullpup style airgun.  FX has now upgraded the gun with a massive 80cc plenum and a 700mm barrel.  It also gets a new name…”Power-Pup.”  The new Power-Pup also gets a redesigned valve since it’s no longer necessary to utilize the extended valve stem of the original Dream-Pup.  These new features mean you can wring A LOT more power out of the Power-Pup to shoot heavy pellets and slugs.  The video below accompanies this written review.  I suggest taking them both in for the full story.

So how much power does the new Power-Pup make?  FX gives the following maximum power figures…

  • .177 up to 32ft/lbs
  • .22 up to 69ft/lbs
  • .25 up to 84ft/lbs
  • .30 up to 105ft/lbs

That’s a lot of power!  I used the .25 caliber version for my review, and specifically tuned the gun to shoot the FX Hybrid Slugs at 1000fps.  That works out to about 57.75ft/lbs, and the gun did it with the greatest of ease.  With that tune, it shoots the FX 34gr .25cal pellets at about 920fps.  That works out to about 64ft/lbs.  This is with a hammer adjustment, transfer port on “High”, and the fully adjustable AMP regulator set at only 125BAR.  I have no doubt about the claimed power levels of the Power-Pup.

With the enormous 80cc plenum….you’re probably wondering if you’ll be getting more shots per fill out of the Power-Pup.  The answer is yes.  Yes you will.  Naturally your tune will affect your shot count, but here are the numbers published by FX for the 480cc 250BAR carbon fiber bottle…

  • 225 shots in .177
  • 145 shots in .22
  • 85 shots in .25
  • 65 shots in .30

With my particular tune (hammer maxed out and regulator set at 125BAR), I get about 80 shots per fill out of the 400cc aluminum bottle.  Just like the claimed power figures, I have no doubt about the claimed shot counts.

One of the best features of the Power-Pup is that it’s light and compact for it’s barrel length.  The gun weighs 6.3lbs with the carbon fiber bottle, and 6.95 with the aluminum bottle.  Despite it’s 700mm barrel, it’s only 37.5″ long.  This makes the Power-Pup a dream (no pun intended) to shoot off-hand.  It makes for a quick and nimble hunting gun that won’t weigh you down, but is equally at home being shot off of a bench.

Most other features have stayed the same on the Power-Pup.  It still has the magnificent, fully adjustable two-stage trigger.  My Lyman trigger pull gauge says the pull right out of the box is a meager 14oz.  It also still has the dovetail rail for mounting optics, and the side-lever and safety are exactly the same as the Dream-Pup.  Mine came with the optional DonnyFL moderator which does a good job of keeping things quiet despite the power of the gun.

So we now know that the new FX Power-Pup is powerful, light, handy, compact for it’s barrel length, has a great trigger, is fully adjustable, and quiet for it’s power.  But is it accurate?  Yes.  Yes it is.  My accuracy testing was done indoors at the Midwest Shooting Center.  I shot four 5-shot groups with each projectile at fifty yards.  The gun didn’t do too bad with the FX Hybrid Slugs, but did far better with the FX 34gr pellets.  Perhaps with a little more or less velocity the slug groups could be tightened up a bit, but the pellet groups were out of this world!  The average group size with the slugs was 1.01″, with a smallest group size of 0.81″.  The average group size with the pellets was 0.40″, with a smallest group size of 0.31″.  What’s more is that the largest group size with the pellets was 0.49″.  It’s quite literally sub-MOA with pellets at fifty yards.  That’s impressive!

If you’re in the market for an EXTREMELY powerful and EXTREMELY accurate bullpup airgun, the new FX Dreamline Power-Pup would be an outstanding option.  While I usually include negative aspects of products in my reviews, I’ve really got nothing here for the Power-pup.  It’s much cheaper than other FX products, yet delivers class leading power, accuracy, fit, and finish.  I’m sure that if you get one, you’ll be quite happy with it.




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