Feedback from Customers 2020


It’s nice in the new year to hear from an enthusiastic customer-   Dennis

I just received my rifle back from you and it looks phenomenal. Better than I can ever remember.   If memory serves me right, I was I think 10 years old when I received it on Christmas of 1962 from my father.  Before going into the service I give to my younger brother to take care of and shoot crows with it.  It wasn’t til after brother moved, he found it in the back of the clothes closet.  He called me and asked if I wanted it back. I said “ Of Course I want it back” and he said it doesn’t shoot any more.  I told him to ship it and I would work on getting it fixed.

Once I received it I figured it was going to too much of a risk to try and repair it myself.  Thanks to Google and a few choice key words I found your website. I think you know how this story ends.  I can’t thank you enough for getting the rifle back in working order and looking so much better.  My plans are to give it my son to pass on down to his son.

Thank you so much

Best regards


Hi Dennis, I received my Benjamin 347 back yesterday. Just wanted to say thanks for a great job. It’s shoots and feels great. Craftsman are hard to find these days. Thanks to you and crew for a happy customer.

Best regards, Mark



Got my Sheridan Blue Streak back today . Great job looks great and works great . Well the worth money it cost .

5 stars to you guys        Thanks   Gary






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