Baker Airguns Benjamin 392S Ready To Hunt Package

Nothing makes the venerable Benjamin 392, now the 392S, a better hunting/survival gun than adding our Baker Airguns One-Piece Scope Mount and a nice scope. We decided to put a Ready To Hunt package together for you based on our experience and recommendations. We’ve installed countless scopes on these guns for our customers, and find that the UTG True Hunter 3-9×40 scope is a perfect match for the gun. The 9x magnification is plenty for the effective range of the rifle, the illuminated reticle is a must for low light shooting, and the eye relief works perfectly for all eyes/body types in combination with our scope mount.

You’ll find that our proprietary Baker Airguns One-Piece Scope Mount is far superior to any other on the market. It places friction and pressure along the entire breech without placing any pressure between the breech and air tube. This gives you a rock solid connection that won’t move, and also won’t cause the notorious split between the breech and air tube that other scope mounts will. These guns are soldered together, and breech separation is something we commonly fix here at Baker Airguns.  Poorly designed scope mounts are the leading cause of this issue.  While it does have cuts in the breech for Weaver style rings, it also accepts dovetail style rings.  We recommend using the dovetail style, and they are what’s included with the True Hunter scope.

We include a tin of the Benjamin Discovery 14.3gr hollowpoints in the package.  JSB Hades, or really anything from JSB, would also be a good choice in this gun.  This is a fantastic small game hunting/survival rig for the likes of rabbit, squirrels, birds, or rodents.  This gun is shooting the 14.3gr pellets at just about 13ft-lbs.  In a survival situation you’re not going to have access to compressors. This is not a problem with the multi-pump Benjamin 392S. Just grab your gun and ammo and go. The complete package weighs just 7.2lbs, so it’s not going to weigh you down. Save yourself $39.96 when you buy our Benjamin 392S Ready To Hunt Package!

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