We’ve all come to know and love the Air Venturi Avenger.  Here at Baker Airguns, it’s been one of our best selling rifles since it’s release.  The addition of the wood stock version was also well received.  How could Air Venturi possibly improve on such a fantastic airgun?  Simple.  They could make a bullpup version….and that they have done.  Ladies and gentlemen…I give you the Air Venturi Avenger Bullpup.  Below is a link to the full review video that accompanies this article.  I suggest taking them both in for the full story.

The base of the Bullvenger (yeah…I’ve given it a nickname…WANNA FIGHT ABOUT IT?) is mostly the same as the original Avengers.  The major difference in the base of the gun is the trigger.  Naturally, it has been moved forward and actuates via an extension rod.  It is still two stage and fully adjustable.  Bone stock with no adjustment, mine tested at a bit under 2lbs.  1lb 14oz, to be exact.

The major overall change that makes the Bullvenger the Bullvenger is the stock.  I must say, this stock was both well thought out and well executed.  It’s been cleverly molded of a synthetic plastic with some outstanding features built in.  For instance, you now have slots in the butt that securely hold two spare magazines.  You also now have three accessory rails.  One on the bottom, and one on each side.   Just like the original Avenger, there are attachment points front and rear for a sling.

Just SOME of the features of the Air Venturi Avenger Bullpup

The pistol grip, while not removable, is very “M16/AK47-ish” and comfortable.  A really cool feature is the adjustable rubber buttbad.  No tools necessary for the adjustment.  Just pull it rearward and slide it up or down.  The trigger guard has also been designed to allow a gloved finger plenty of room.  This is something that I wish more manufacturers would pay attention to.  It gets cold during hunting season in much of the world.  Most hunters will be wearing gloves.  Well done on this, Air Venturi!

My sample here is the .25 caliber version.  I’ve set the regulator to about 2400psi, and maxed out the hammer spring.  This setting comfortably gives me two mag’s worth of shots, which is plenty for the hunting that I do.  It throws the JSB MKII 33.95gr pellets at about 50fpe, which is suitable for most airgun quarry you may face.

While you’ve probably seen the performance of the base of the Avenger in the past, I still want to show you what my Bullvenger is capable of.  I’ve found the best pellet for my tune is the JSB King Heavy MkII 33.95gr.  The standard JSB King 25.39gr isn’t bad, but it’s just not as good as the MkII.  Below are some average groups using both pellets.  As you can see, the MkII is just a bit better for me.  When I do my part, it’s nearly half-MOA at 50 yards, and nearly 1 MOA at 100.  When you look at these groups, don’t forget the price of this gun!

50 yards, two 5 shot groups with each pellet.
100 yards, two 5 shot groups with the JSB King Heavy MkII
100 yards, two 5 shot groups with the JSB King 25.39gr pellets.

This type of performance from a $400 airgun is just amazing.  Let us not forget about the Bullvenger’s adjustable regulator (with gauge) and hammer….nor the fully adjustable trigger housed in an over-sized trigger guard.  Let us also not forget that it’s got the little things every airgunner wants to add to their gun….such as sling mounting points, a Picatinny tri-rail system, adjustable cheek piece, storage for two magazines, and an adjustable buttstock.  Some of these features cannot be found on $1000+ airguns.  The Bullvenger keeps the tradition of value and performance found in the original Avenger…and then some.  If you’re in the market for a bullpup style airgun that doesn’t break the bank…I can think of no better recommendation than the Air Venturi Bullpup Avenger.

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