Returning From The 2017 Flag City Toys That Shoot Airgun Show

The Facility
We’ve just returned from the 12th annual Flag City Toys That Shoot Airgun Show. We had a great time, met a lot of nice folks, and saw a ton of cool airguns!

This year the show was moved to the Flashover Indoor Sport and Fun Center. There were over 100 tables full of airguns at this years show.

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Pyramyd Air had both new airguns and some old airguns they dug out from some hidden cellar at the PA warehouse. There were some real bargains. How about a Sheridan EB 20 nickel or a vintage Silver Streak. They brought some good ones. Kristen Coss and Tyler Patner were there representing Pyramyd Air. We were excited to see them because they bring a lot of knowledge and enthusiasm about the current airgun industry. We are looking forward to seeing them and he Midwest Airgun Show in June.

Mr Hollow Point had on display a 20 mm air pistol custom made for Ted Nugent, the famous rock musician and political activist. This thing is a cannon and reportedly shoots this huge bullet at over 800 fps. Yikes!

Baker Airguns was there dressed in their fashionable “bowling” (so we’ve been told) team shirts. From front to back that is Dennis, Daymon, Putt, Kurt, Doug and Sam.  We featured a nice selection of new FX, Daystate, Brocock, and Air Arms air rifle as well as many vintage airguns, pellets and accessories. We had a ball.

Cool Vintage Airguns
If you like old airguns you’d have enjoyed this show. They had just about everything you could think of plus an old flint lock which we’ll talk about more below. Not only are the guns cool to look at, but the guys that bring them have a wealth of knowledge about these airguns that just comes to life when you talk to them.

This incredible airgun was presented by Lary Hannusch.This is a combination black powder flintlock and butt reservoir air rifle. To us this gun as a air rifle, plug the flash hole with a pin and the rifle can be fired with air from the charged, but reservoir. Remove the pin from the flash hole, charge the barrel with powder and ball and fire away like a traditional flintlock rifle. The gun was unique and absolutely beautiful. Larry is one of the world’s foremost experts on antique airguns and  always brings in an amazing example of old, rare, and unusual airguns.

Cool Modern Airguns
Modern airguns are becoming an important part of the airgun show. FX Wilcat, FX Streamline, FX Bobcat, FX 400 Royale, Daystate Hunstman Regal XL, and others.

20mm airgun anti aircraft size bullet

Ted Nugent Custom 20 mm air pistol. Yikes! Mega Big Bore!

It’s not just your Daddy’s Red Ryder anymore. This one has a cell phone camera set up to record video of the targets as they’re being shot!

Still some neat old Daisy stuff. These shows draw some folks with very mature collections who have an astounding depth of knowledge. Just all around nice folks too.

As always we’d like to hear from you. Post your comment below to let us know what you think. How many of you will be going to the Midwest Airgun Show in Columbus on June 3rd?

One thought on “Returning From The 2017 Flag City Toys That Shoot Airgun Show

  1. Eric Jones

    Thanks to everyone involved with the Toys that Shoot airgun show.
    It was an excellent show with great turnout. I would describe it best as a feeding frenzy.
    That’s my Heavy .177 with the smartphone camera setup, thought it might get some attention, thanks for the pic.
    I picked up a DAQ .308 from Mr. Gaylord, and also now own “The Money Pit” .54 from Mr. Hollowpoint. To say I had an epic show is an understatement ;)
    See y’all next year, Eric J.

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