Wyandot County Airgunners 2020 Match Schedule

The Wyandot County Airgunners club has added night, Pistol Field Target, and Saturday matches to the usual Sunday field target matches this year.  There will also be the introduction of a few benchrest matches as well.  Wyandot County Airgunners is a beautiful woods course with both inclined and declined shots to test your trigonometry.  We hope to see you there!

Saturday Matches: Gates Open @ 10 / Match @ 12pm

Sunday Matches: Gates Open @ 9 / Match @ 11am

Night Matches: Start at Dusk

May 31, Sunday, Field Target

June 13, Saturday, Pistol Match and Night Match

June 14, Sunday, Field Target

July 26, Sunday,  Field Target, ODNR Free match

Aug. 22, Saturday, 100yd Bench Rest Match and Night match

Aug. 23, Sunday, Field Target

Sept. 27, Sunday, Field Target

Oct. 18, Sunday, Field Target

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